Tips for Staying Fresh During Music Concerts

Attending music concerts is fulling to many people, and the experience of each concert is always different from another. Getting to meet your favorite artist, band, and see them perform live on stage is something you don’t get to experience often. Enjoyable musical concerts have many benefits to your overall health and well-being; thus, you should attend the concerts every time you have the chance. Even so, staying fresh during music concerts is hard, given the number of people, the dancing and jumping that comes with a lively performance. According to dr alison gruen nyc, here are tips for staying fresh during music concerts to ensure you enjoy yourself to the maximum.

people participating in a music festival

Dress Right

Attending music concerts means that you will get involved in a lot of physical activities such as walking to the event, jumping, dancing, etc. You, therefore, need to dress in loose fitting clothes to ensure that your body gets aerated enough. Wear shorts instead of trousers, and have a vest or loosely fitting T-shirt. You should also avoid polyester and synthetic underwears. Cotton clothing is good for such events because it absorbs the sweat keeping your body fresh for longer.

Prepare Right

Shower before going to the concert! This might seem obvious, but you might be surprised by the number of people who don’t do this arguing that they will get sweaty in the concert anyway. But ensuring that your body is as fresh from the start sets you right. You should also use a good deodorant to keep you fresh for long without smelling all too sweaty.

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Avoid eating food with garlic. Garlic is good for your body, but it is important that you avoid it in your meal before the concert as it tends to give people bad breath which will hinder you from enjoying yourself to the best.

Carry a cotton handkerchief. You are bound to sweat a lot during the concert, but you do not have to smell sweaty. A cotton handkerchief comes in handy in helping you wipe off the sweat and keeping your pores open, which is a key contributor to your freshness.

Mental Wellness

Beyond body odor and bad breath, freshness is also a state of mind. Matching your expectations with reality is also important. It means that you may have forgotten to carry your water, but you should try to find an alternative such as buying minty chewing gum. Staying alert means that you get to visit the washroom to freshen up when you feel like you have been sweating a lot or chewing some gum when you feel like your breath might be a bit off to keep the body fresh.

Drink Plenty of Water

From days before the concert, drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated keeps you rejuvenated and it reduces the chances of you having a bad breath.

a person holding a bottled water

You should also carry some water with you during the day of the concert. Given the shouting that comes with music concerts, your mouth is bound …